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The Importance of Dads

Last night, Nick and I gave Damon his “big” Christmas gift… a few days early, yes. Because he already pretty much knew that his big gift was a new 12-gauge shotgun that he’d been asking for. And he asked Nick … Continue reading

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Christmas Break, Day One

Today was Damon and Avery’s first day of Christmas Break. And I’m a little sad that I no longer drink, because if I did, I’d be hitting the bottle hard tonight. lol Nick and I both had to work today… … Continue reading

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I took a picture of the kids standing by the Christmas tree as they were decorating yesterday… and, even though I see them EVERY day, even I was amazed by how huge they looked. So I thought it would be … Continue reading

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My kids have been fighting like cats and dogs lately. And, oddly enough, this is not exactly normal for them. Even though they’re 12 and 9 and you’d probably expect them to fight like cats and dogs, they generally get … Continue reading

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What you don’t see

One of my oldest and dearest friends recently became the mom of a beautiful baby girl… her second in less than 2 years. After playing phone tag for a few days, we finally caught up with each other this week … Continue reading

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Parenting Gone Wrong (so incredibly wrong!!)

One morning last week, when I woke Avery for school, I noticed that she’d fallen asleep with five hundred Silly Bandz wrapped around both wrists. And her hands were a frightening shade of purple… because Silly Bandz have a tendency … Continue reading

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The changing neighborhood

When we moved here, almost 3 years ago now, it was culture shock in many ways. We went from having the Atlantic Ocean in our backyard to being surrounded by hills… and a river (which is nothing like the ocean, … Continue reading

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