Who is Crazy Christian Comma Momma?


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The newest title of my blog pretty much says it all…

I’m a little bit crazy, and I get through each day one happy pill at a time. these days, Jesus is my anti-depressant of choice.

I’m a freelance editor legal proofreader, who ventured back out into the world after working from home for a dozen years. I’m still adjusting. and spend most of my time cursing authors who don’t use commas correctly … and I’m crazy about serial commas (they’re so useful, really!). (Unfortunately, lawyers don’t use serial commas. I may never adjust to that one!)

And, first and foremost, I’m a proud momma to two devilish angels who make my life worth living.

A few things about me that didn’t make it into my blog title:

I’m a very lucky wife. After 10 1314 16 years together, Nick and I are in a very good place now. I know a lot of people had their doubts back in 1999 when I allowed that redneck from West Virginia to turn my world upside down (okay, maybe I had a few doubts myself!)… but today, I know, without a doubt, that this was always meant to be. I can’t even begin to imagine living this life without him by my side. And, most importantly, he made really cute babies! 🙂

A few Several years ago, I rediscovered my inner bookworm, thanks to a nudge (in the form of a birthday gift from Amazon!) from my good friend Angie. I have always loved books and reading, but after 4 years of studying English in college, I think my inner bookworm went on vacation! And because I spend all day reading for work, I gave up all pleasure reading. Angie sent me four books from a genre that I swore I’d never be interested in: Romance! I was surprised to learn that romance novels aren’t the “sorry excuse for fiction” that I once thought they were. They’re yummy and fun… and, well, vampires rock my world! 😉 ETA: Although I still read the occasional vampire romance, these days I spend more time reading inspirational or “How to be a good Christian”-type books. I’m struggling to find my reading niche these days. Hopefully I’ll find it… soon!

I’m also an avid scrapbooker… or, at least, I used to be. I started scrapping when I found out I was pregnant with Damon back in 2000. I just wanted to make a custom baby book for him, that’s all! But it didn’t take long for it to evolve into an obsession (if you’re a scrapbooker, you certainly understand!). Today, I don’t scrap as much as I’d like… between work and kids and dogs and that inner bookworm, I have trouble finding time to scrap. But, every now and then, the urge still strikes. I hope that someday my kids will have a nice collection of scrapbooks so that they can show off memories of their childhood to their kids.

Last, but not least… I love my blog; it’s my therapy at the end (or in the middle) of a long day. It’s also my favorite way to procrastinate when a pesky work deadline is rapidly approaching (which is almost always!). And I hope that my family and friends (and whoever else happens to wander by) enjoy hearing about our daily lives and watching Damon and Avery grow up in pictures.

4 Responses to Who is Crazy Christian Comma Momma?

  1. Bridget =) says:

    Hey Erin, love the new blog! Ok, am I crazy, or are you not on facebook anymore?? I can’t find you!!!!

    Get this. i freaking won another PW prize! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to share with someone who I know loves her site as much as I do!!!!


  2. Allison says:

    love your new blog erin!

  3. Pam says:

    I love your about me. I want to have mad sex with it and have little about me babies! It’s awesome.

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