Christmas Break, Day One

Today was Damon and Avery’s first day of Christmas Break. And I’m a little sad that I no longer drink, because if I did, I’d be hitting the bottle hard tonight. lol

Nick and I both had to work today… so our lovelies were home on their own until I got home this evening. So, I made sure I had the ringer on my phone turned up while I was at work, just in case they needed me. Uhhh, apparently they needed me… a lot. I’m pretty sure my co-workers were just as annoyed as I was after hearing my phone BLOWING UP all day.

First it was Avery calling, whining, because Damon wouldn’t get off of her computer and out of her room (where the computer is). So I tell Avery, “let me talk to your brother.” She yells for him and I hear him scream back, “NO!” No?? But, wait, I’m an hour away at work, so what the heck am I supposed to do about this refusal exactly? So I pull out the low Mom-means-business voice and say, “you tell your brother to come to the phone NOW… or he’s gonna be in BIG TROUBLE.” (Co-workers are definitely snickering now, and I can’t blame them one bit… I’m even cringing on the inside as I hear these words come out of my mouth.) So Damon finally comes to the phone and gives me attitude and pretty much hangs up on me. Again, GASP. And, again, what the heck am I supposed to do about it??

Then, a few phone calls later, I hear Avery’s voice on the end of the line again… and this is our conversation:

Avery: Mom… do you still use your hair straightener?

Me: Uhhh… yes. Why?

Avery: Wellll… you might wanna think about getting another one.

Me: What did you do, Avery??

Avery: Wellll… my Barbie’s hair was kind of messed up and lumpy…

Me: Oh my God… (and aside to my co-worker Natalie) Wait until you hear this one!

Avery: Soooo… I tried to use the straightener on her hair, and it kind of… STUCK to it.

Me: So, basically, you melted Barbie hair on my straightener??

Avery: Yes.

Me: Okay, Avery. Do me a favor and don’t use any more electrical devices until I get home, okay??

I mean, seriously… WHAT is a mom supposed to do at this point?

So, I called their dad and asked him to call and check on them, to make sure they were still alive and had their hair… because I was genuinely concerned but couldn’t deal with calling myself and talking to either one of them… AGAIN.

And this is just Day One of a 3-week vacation??? Lord help me.

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