I took a picture of the kids standing by the Christmas tree as they were decorating yesterday… and, even though I see them EVERY day, even I was amazed by how huge they looked. So I thought it would be fun to hunt for some older “decorating-the-tree” pics from years past and see how they compare.

Though this first one is not a decorating pic, it was the kids modeling the Christmas outfits that my Granny sent them… so it was around the same time as tree decorating!

Xmas 2005 (Avery 1, Damon 4):


Xmas 2006 (Avery 2, Damon 5):


Xmas 2007 (Avery 3, Damon 6):

2007 (2)

Xmas 2008 (Avery 4, Damon 7):


(I don’t know what happened to Xmas 2009! lol)

Xmas 2010 (Avery 6, Damon 9):


Apparently I didn’t get any pics of them together the next two years…

Xmas 2011 (Avery 7):


Xmas 2012 (Avery 8):


And Xmas 2013 (Avery 9, Damon 12):


Ummm… How does that happen exactly??

Now I’m on the hunt for even OLDER decorating pics! (Post updated to include older pics!)

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1 Response to Comparison

  1. Mom says:

    Love, love, love them. Cutie pies!

    Momma C

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