‘Tis the Season

Every year I look forward to this holiday season. And I have big plans, every year, to REALLY get “into” it and make it a special holiday season for my family… and for me. And every year I kind of fail in this department. I’m not a very festive person… probably because I’m a very lazy person. And although the dozens of Christmas Crafts that I pin on Pinterest look fabulous, I don’t actually follow through with many (any?) of them.

It’s funny how the holiday season changes for a person as you get older. Of course it’s magical, and the best thing ever, when you’re a kid and everything you ever dreamed of appears under the Christmas tree on December 25th. And then you get a little older and realize it’s really NOT magic, but still, lots of things you dream of still end up under the tree, anyway. And at some point GIVING replaces receiving, and then the magic happens when you find that perfect gift for someone (or several someones). Then maybe you become a parent and Christmas becomes ALL about creating the magic for your children… suddenly you don’t buy for other family members, or even for your spouse. Every spare cent and ounce of creative energy goes to making sure your kids have The Best Christmas Ever, because you feel like that’s all you can do. Christmas is nice at this point (mostly nice for your kids), but something seems missing. Christmas becomes very anti-climactic and more of a hassle (and a drain on your bank account) than anything.

So, that’s the stage I’ve reached. Nick and I have never really exchanged Christmas gifts. And we don’t usually buy for our parents or siblings or friends. And our kids don’t buy gifts for… anyone. They’re all about receiving. And that’s 100% our fault because that’s what their Christmas has been about for the last 13/10 years, at our direction.

This year, my big goal for the holiday season is to introduce my kids to the magic of giving AND receiving. We’re going to actually EXCHANGE gifts this year, with each other and hopefully with others we love. Of course, I also hope to address more of the spirit of Christmas and the meaning behind it and that it’s not ALL about gifts. And maybe I’ll actually work on some of those Christmas Crafts that I’ve been pinning on Pinterest, too.

Christmas CAN still be magical. I’m sure of it.

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2 Responses to ‘Tis the Season

  1. egratsia says:

    Christmas IS magical Erin, and not just until Dec. 25th and then it’s done … the magic is IN us, and it’s our duty to share it with our loved ones …

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