Readathon – Hour 21

So, I’ve learned two invaluable lessons in the last hour:

1. Working third shift Friday night and then trying to participate in a 24-hour readathon on Saturday? Epic fail. Next time, I’m taking Friday night off so that I can actually stay awake for at least PART of the readathon. Sigh.

2. Scheduling a blog post via WordPress? Also epic fail. This is the second time I’ve attempted such a thing and the second time it hasn’t worked… and I have no idea why. Luckily, I woke up just in time to re-post/publish in real time my Hour 20 Mini-Challenge!

Since my last update, I’ve started on book 2 (still The Sweetest Dark) and have read a whoppin’ 50 pages. But since I had a 6-hour “nap” tonight, I’m hoping I can finish strong these last few hours and get through at least this book!

Huge thanks to everyone who has participated in the Haiku Mini-Challenge so far. I’m loving reading all of your submissions!

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1 Response to Readathon – Hour 21

  1. Nolatari says:

    Kudos to you for picking up and continuing on! Naps are not the end of readathon… they’re just a pause in the action. 🙂

    Sorry about WordPress, though. I’ve never had problems with the scheduling but I know how frustrating blogs can be in general. Good luck with figuring that out!

    Happy reading for the hours ahead! You can finish strong now, no matter what came before. It’s not the quantity that matters but the joy of the experience. [Your haiku challenge brought me joy, by the way! Thanks for the great challenge.]

    Keep up the good work,

    Team Panda

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