Hour 21 Mini-Challenge: Madlibs

Okay, this challenge was too fun to pass up (even though I promised I’d be reading right now!). The challenge was to pick a short paragraph in the book you’re reading, remove some words, ask for someone to provide however many nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc… and create a new Mad Libs-style paragraph from the original.

Here’s my original paragraph with the words I’m replacing in bold:

I had put my foot in it, it seemed. All the girls paused and turned to me. Malinda’s cheeks were red as apples; Sophia arched a single plucked brow.

Thanks to Kristen H. (@bookgoil) for helping me out and creating the following:

I had put my dog in it, it seemed. All the ladybugs paused and ran to me. Malinda’s humans were purple as apples; Sophia jumped a single pale brow.

And @dreamybee also gave me words, so here’s another gem (thanks to @truebookaddict for supplying the missing adjective!):

I had put my Venus Fly Trap in it, it seemed. All the pencils paused and swam to me. Malinda’s muffins were hairy as apples; Sophia climbed a single hungry brow.

Ahahaha! That was fun. Thanks to all my word-supplying volunteers! 🙂

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1 Response to Hour 21 Mini-Challenge: Madlibs

  1. Dreamybee says:

    LOL-Mad libs=psychedelic ramblings!

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