Readathon: Hour 5

It’s Hour FIVE, and I’m just now gearing up to read!! Holy Hannah… what a crazy day! (Note to self: For the next Readathon, plan a personal vacation day, far, far away from your life!! Or just check yourself into a local hotel and pretend you’re far, far away! Seriously going to do this one of these years!!)

Anywho… here’s what I’ve spent the last four hours doing:

Hour 1: Finishing up at work, then driving 45 minutes home.


Hours 2 and 3: Sitting at the baseball field, watching Damon’s Opening Day ceremony.



Hour 4: At K-Mart, buying Avery an Xbox Live membership and headset (so the children will stay out of my hair for the next few hours, anyway!). Also stocked up on Readathon snacks (better late than never!) and a new, cuddly blanket to curl up in while I read… LOVE!


I’m now in my jammies (hello, Comfort!), getting ready to retreat to my bed where I plan to spend the next 3 hours reading… with any luck.

Damon’s Opening Day game is at 4pm, so I’ll be back at the ball field for a couple more hours. But I’m really hoping that maybe I can read a little bit while there, too. If not, this evening, it’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong. All of my motherly duties SHOULD be over by then, and I’d really like to lose myself in some books and spend some time checking in on other readers/mini-challenges/etc.

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