Readathon: Hour -4

In about 4 hours, Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon will officially begin. I’m actually at work tonight, with not much to do, so thought I’d get a jump start with an Hour -4 post. When I signed up for this readathon, I didn’t realize that Damon’s “Opening Day” was the same day… So, I’m going to be busy, going back and forth to/from the ball field today. But I’m going to read as much as I possibly can and will hopefully be able to play along with some of the fun Mini-Challenges and check in with other Readers throughout the day, too!

I participated in my very first readathon in April 2009 and have done several since then. I love, love, love readathon days. I learned early on in these experiences not to pressure myself, to feel like I HAVE to read for every second of the 24 hours… because, let’s face it, that’s just not realistic for everyone (although, it’s a nice thought!). But it’s so much fun, just to take a day to really enjoy reading and get to know other readers who are participating. I’ve “met” lots of great readers through this event, some I consider friends today (even if I wouldn’t recognize them outside of their Twitter profile pics, lol).

And, for this readathon, I’m hosting a Mini-Challenge for the first time! I’m really excited to have people play along. Look for that challenge to be posted at Hour 20 (3am EST) of the readathon, if you’re still conscious!

Between Damon’s day full of baseball and the fact that I’m working tonight, so will be going on NO sleep today, I’m not sure just how much reading I’ll get done. I’m not going to hold myself to anything because that’s stress no one needs! lol But, I’m definitely going to try to check in with everyone when I can, mostly via Twitter (I’m @erinragan), where I’m following #readathon obsessively.

Happy reading to all my fellow -thoners… Enjoy the day! 🙂

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