Spring Break, Day One

My kids have a ridiculously LONG Spring Break this year… eight days off school, with a couple of weekends thrown in the middle. I’ve never heard of such craziness. But, they aren’t complaining, of course!! And it’s not that I don’t love my kids and wouldn’t love to spend some extra quality time with them… but the ugly truth is that I have to work, at night, and that means I have to sleep, during the day… with them here. And that is always a recipe for disaster (i.e., little to no sleep for me and verrrrry long nights at work… last summer almost killed me).

But, it is what it is. And I’m sure they wish their mom didn’t have to sleep all day so she could actually do fun things with them (insert Mommy Guilt here). For the most part, Damon and Avery are pretty wonderful and patient and understanding. And I believe they do TRY to stay out of my hair and keep the volume down and fend for themselves. They try. For that I’m grateful!

Day one of Spring Break looked something like this around our house.

The “boy” and “girl” Legos came out and played peacefully together (LOVE it when that happens!)


Damon filled a few pages in his new sketch pad.


Avery watched a million YouTube videos on my phone. Her favorites these days are lyric videos and covers of Adele… and every Ellen Degeneres show that Taylor Swift has ever appeared on.


And the way my children are bundled on the couch under their blankets you would think we don’t use heat in this house. We do. And the thermostat is set on 72 balmy degrees.

Although, it was certainly NOT a balmy anything outside. This is the view out our back window on the first day of Spring Break. It’s a little mind boggling.


And to add some more randomness to this post… here’s my favorite dog in the whole wide world…  Miss Roxie. I want to eat. her. up.


I have a feeling that several of their Spring Break days will look almost exactly like this one, so I don’t plan to bore you with daily posts. But if something super-exciting happens this week, I’ll be sure to share!

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