February, week one photos

Every month, Fat Mum Slim hosts a photo-a-day challenge. She has a list of prompts, one for each day, and you just take a pic and upload it… to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, wherever (those are the three places mine show up!). And every month I LOVE this idea. Most months I try. And fail miserably.

So I’m determined to actually succeed this month. And, as my wise friend Ellen pointed out, it’s the shortest month of the year. Surely I can do this one!!

I’m a little bit proud of the fact that I have actually managed to keep up with it (for 8 full days so far). I thought I’d post my daily pics here each week.

February 1: Fork.
Fork. What the?? I really kind of hate that this was the first prompt this month, because it was just goofy. We all have forks. We all use forks. But they aren’t exciting or very unique even. And, honestly, in my collection of zillions of photos, I don’t WANT a picture of a fork. But, I couldn’t fail the challenge on DAY ONE… so, here’s my Fork photo, from my silverware drawer. Duh.


February 2: Pattern.
I played around with this one a lot… and took several pics of different patterns. Most of them pieces of patterned paper that I use while scrapbooking. This was actually a piece of Pirates scrapbook paper. I couldn’t resist this pattern!


February 3: Something that starts with E.
This is easy for a girl named Erin. I was going to take a picture of myself… but that was the challenge on Jan. 31st, just a few days earlier, and I didn’t figure the world really wanted to see me again so soon. This is a sign that my mom painted for me years ago… and it always hangs proudly above my stove, no matter where we live. Growing up, my mom had a “Debbie’s Kitchen” sign that went from place to place with us. So I guess this kitchen sign thing is a kind of tradition now in our family.


February 4: Hope.
Avery had been sick… up throwing up the night before; home from school that day. So that evening I took this photo… “hoping” that Avery was on the road to recovery. (She was.)


February 5: Something you smelled.
Coffee. I didn’t actually smell Sheetz coffee that morning… because I made my own coffee at home. But I did use this Sheetz travel coffee mug. It’s pink. I love it.


February 6: Soft.
I was going to take a pic of my favorite soft blanket. But blankets and fuzzy socks were REALLY popular photos for this prompt… boring. So then I was going to take a photo of Sundae (our newest puppy, who I know hasn’t gotten a blog introduction yet)… but she’s not especially soft, just really fluffy. Different things. So, that evening I was holding Roxie and petting her and thought, “the back of this dog’s head is soooo soft!” So there you have it. The back of Roxie’s head (not the easiest thing to get a photo of, by the way!).


February 7: Your name.
Of course, I already took a picture of my name a few days ago, but… I was at work trying to figure out how I wanted to do this. I was going to take a pic of my Facebook name (Erin Jessee Witschey), but that’s not REALLY my name (I didn’t replace my middle name with my maiden name when I got married). I wanted something that had my first and middle name, like, ummm, my Twitter name! So I took this screen shot of my Twitter profile. I really loved that it also has my blog name at the bottom (that was a total coinkydink!).


So, those are my first week’s photos. I’m really enjoying playing along with this challenge, and it’s a lot of fun to search the #FMSphotoaday hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and see all of the photos that other people are taking, too.

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