Miss Roxie

So, here’s another loooong overdue post!

After we lost Comet, I honestly had NO intentions of getting another dog anytime soon. It was kind of a relief only having one canine in the house, honestly! BUT… then a couple of weeks later, I saw this picture on our local animal shelter’s Facebook page:


Three chihuahua/min pin mix puppies that were found abandoned. (Roxie is the one on the right… the runt of the group!) I showed Nick the picture, and he said, “well, let’s go look at them if you want.” LOOK AT them?? ahahahaha! As if we both didn’t know how that would turn out??  Yeah, we knew we were bringing a rat dog home with us!

Roxie was the smallest. And I couldn’t resist her. I don’t think I’ve ever held such a small dog… ever. There was no way I was putting her back in that kennel once I got ahold of her. Here’s the “exit” pic that the shelter took of us before we left:


She was so sweet and terrified. And every ounce of protective maternal instinct I possess screamed at me to take this pitiful creature home and love her. So, I did.






Lizzie isn’t quite sure what to think of her new sister. Well, that’s a lie. I know what Lizzie thinks of her… Lizzie HATES her. With a passion. Lizzie used to act annoyed with Comet, but Roxie is sooo much worse. I know that Lizzie is missing old Comet right now. Roxie never, ever leaves her alone. Poor Lizz!!


So, now we’re once again a two-dog family. Roxie is bad, bad, bad. The most destructive animal I’ve ever known (and I’ve known a lot of destructive animals!). She has destroyed about five pair of my shoes (and I only had six or seven to begin with). She’s eaten more Barbie parts than I care to think about. And she absolutely LOVES to chew on electric cords/cables… of any kind. How she hasn’t shocked herself into oblivion, I’ll never understand. She thinks we are all human chew toys.

But even with all that badness in her, I love this little creature to pieces!!! Seriously. I have no regrets; I’m so glad we went to “look” at those puppies that day. She was definitely what I needed to get over losing Comet. No dog will ever replace him, and I still tear up when I see pics of Comet or stop and think about his last days with us. But Roxie has opened up another part of my heart. She’s just too stinkin’ cute, and I can’t resist her (even though she’s baaaaaad!!!!)

When we took Roxie for her first vet appointment, not too long after we were there for Comet’s final visit, I said to the office manager, “Comet is looking down on us and thinking ‘You have to be kidding me… THAT is my replacement?!?!?!'” All 3.5 pounds of her?? And she smiled and replied, “I think Comet would be proud.”

I hope so.


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One Response to Miss Roxie

  1. Tami says:

    I have said “never again” several times, but we always end up with a new puppy and I always fall in love with the next one. Our newest addition has eaten 5 pairs of my shoes (never Dave’s), my books, my pens, …. I’m seeing a trend.

    Hope Roxie settles in and she and Lizzie become friends – or at least tolerate each other. Wishing you many happy years as a two-dog family.

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