It’s Damon Day!

I’m running out of ideas for halfway original birthday posts… I think that means my kids are getting TOO old!  Today was Damon’s eleventh birthday. I really can’t wrap my brain around that number… but I’m pretty sure I say that at this time EVERY year.

As my kids get older, I find that their birthdays are also getting a lot easier!! They don’t want parties and balloons and hoopla. Well, scratch that… Avery still wants balloons! This year, Damon told us about 548 times that, for his birthday, he wanted a laptop and World of Warcraft to play on the laptop. So, last night after dinner, we took him to the store and let him pick out his laptop and bought $100 worth of WoW disks. He didn’t want to go anywhere special for dinner tonight… he wanted to eat at home, and his requested meal? Buffalo chicken dip and tortilla chips. He also didn’t want a cake (gasp!!). I couldn’t deal with that, so I picked out a Snickers ice cream cake and he feigned excitement just to make me feel better, I’m sure. (I had to have SOMETHING to stick 11 candles in!)

Because today was a gorgeous day (60 degrees on January 31st is pretty special!), Nick skipped his evening class and took Damon for a boys-only four-wheeler ride after school. Avery was devastated, of course, to be left behind… so I had to play a dance game on the Kinect to appease her (I kicked her butt, by the way… ha!). Then we had dinner and sang “Happy Birthday” and spent the evening sitting around on our laptops. Party animals!!!

I hope Damon had a good day. It wasn’t overly exciting… but, the more I learn about this child of mine, the more I realize that he and overly exciting don’t mesh very well. So today was probably just about right for him.

And, since it’s not a birthday post without pics… here are a few. And, since I love comparison shots… here are a few of those, too.

Damon and me, 11 years ago


Damon and me, today

Damon, 11 years ago… the sweetest baby ever!

Damon, today… still pretty sweet, sometimes! 😉

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