My baby girl turned eight years old yesterday.

It certainly doesn’t feel like a year ago that I was posting here, telling you all about her seventh birthday! Time flies, that’s for sure.

Her day yesterday started like this:

The child is a slug and does NOT like to get out of bed in the morning… I can’t imagine where she gets that from! We had big shopping plans, so Nick, Damon, and I were anxiously waiting for Avery to WAKE UP!!!

She finally did… around noon. And we went shopping. Shopping at the mall the day after Christmas is NOT the most fun thing I’ve ever done. But it’s what Avery wants to do every year on her birthday, so we fight the crowds and shop ’til we drop!! This year, Avery’s big stores were Justice and Claire’s… where she stocked up on all sorts of girly junk! Then, Daddy bought her a netbook… that she’s beyond thrilled with.

After hours of shopping, we met Grandma at a restaurant in town that Avery picked for her birthday dinner. She loves this place because her grandmother once showed her that they have KENO there. And every eight year old must gamble on her birthday!! Grandma brought balloons and flowers and a cake… and bought Avery a Keno ticket and a birthday Shirley Temple to drink.


Fun was had by all. Yummy food was eaten. The birthday girl ate macaroni and cheese bites, chicken nuggets, and mozzarella sticks. A fabulous fried meal! AND… she won $51 on her Keno ticket, and that just about put her over the moon!

After dinner, she came home and cuddled up with her new blanket (that she bought at Justice) and her new netbook.

I think she had a pretty great birthday! I know that I thoroughly enjoyed the day spent with my diva princess. Happy Eighth Birthday, Monkey!!

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