Christmas Cookies and Memories

When I was a kid (and even a young adult), I always looked forward to baking Christmas cookies with my stepmom, Mary… and usually a sister or two of hers. My job was always to decorate the cookies before they went in the oven. And to taste test them when they came out (the best part!).

In recent years, I’ve been craving those Christmas cookies that we used to make. So, this year, I got the recipe from Mary and decided to try my hand at making them all on my own. I’m not a great baker like my stepmom. In fact, I had to go out and buy a rolling pin just for this baking event. And the cookie cutters… and the measuring cups/spoons… and the sprinkles…

I discovered that I don’t really have enough counter space for rolling out cookies. And my kids weren’t much help when it came to decorating (little urchins!). And I’m still not much of a baker. I ran out of steam before I got through half of the dough. And, uhhh, the second half of the dough is still sitting in my fridge, almost a week later.

BUT, the cookies tasted just like I remember. My craving was satisfied. And even though my kids had more fun playing in the flour than helping me, I had wonderful memories of being in the kitchen with Mary to keep me company!

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2 Responses to Christmas Cookies and Memories

  1. MommaC says:

    Hah! The finished ones look yummy! (And, I’m so glad to know you finally have measuring spoons in the kitchen. *L*) Merry Christmas!

  2. Tami says:

    Christmas cookies are a big tradition in our family also. Yours look wonderful! So what if the second half never gets baked. It’s all about the memories.

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