Tonight was the championship game for Damon’s Fall Ball league. And I’m soooo happy to report that they won!! They didn’t lose a single game all season, which is just… awesome, to say the least.

Nick and I are so proud of Damon. He loves to play ball, and he’s come a long way in the few years that he’s been playing. I can remember his first year of Fall Ball, when he couldn’t catch to save his life. And now, he’s on a championship-winning team. I have to give tons of credit to my husband, too. Nick always has five million things going on at any given time, but he almost always finds the time to take Damon to the batting cages or throw ball in the front yard… something. If Damon didn’t have such a hands-on dad, doing these things with him, he’d probably never get off of the Xbox! (Because, ummm, his mother is not very athletic!)

I took one video at tonight’s game… and, luckily, Damon got a hit while I had the camera rolling. You can see it, and hear me yelling, here. This happened in the bottom of the 5th inning. The game was tied, 4-4. Damon got on board with this hit, stole second, and with the next hit, he scored the go-ahead run. The final score, after 6.5 innings, was 6-4. And we had some very excited boys on our hands!!

I almost had an asthma attack after running around the field to get these post-game pics of the champs… but it was worth it! 😉

Huge congrats to our Weirton boys! We’re so proud of them and all of their hard work this season. Most importantly, I love that they all seem to be enjoying themselves out there. There’s not much that puts a smile on Damon’s face… but baseball definitely does it! I’m already anxious for the Spring season to start!!!

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2 Responses to Champs!

  1. Tami says:

    Congratulations, Damon! And mom too! It’s the best feeling in the world to watch your children succeed at something – especially something they love.

  2. KathyM says:


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