Yep, she’s mine

We spent the morning at the ball field, cheering Damon’s team to yet another victory. Today was the first play-off game, and they walked away with it… like they have most games this season!

So, now we’re home. Nick is fiddling with his laptop, getting a playlist ready for a birthday party he’s DJing later. Damon is in his room, playing his Xbox. And I was just sitting on the loveseat, staring at my daughter, who is sprawled out on the couch… reading. And, suddenly, I was taken back in time, ohhhhh, about 28 years. To when I was Avery’s age (maybe even a little bit older), and I could almost always be found with my nose in a book.

For years, I’ve been trying to turn my children into readers. They’re both GREAT readers, meaning they score very high on reading tests and are in advanced reading groups at school… and they both read way about their grade levels. So I know that Damon CAN read and comprehend… and every now and then he sits down with a book. But he seems to lose interest rather quickly, like, after a chapter or two.

Avery, on the other hand, is my child. (Just in case there was ever any doubt! We don’t look alike or anything! lol) Last night, I bought her an ebook that she could read on my Xoom tablet. And she sat down and read the whole thing is less than an hour, while the rest of us were watching postseason baseball on TV. Today, I “checked out” some library ebooks for her… and here she is, right now:

She’ll more than likely sit there until she’s finished with that book. And maybe she’ll start another one after that. I so recognize the look on her face, even, as she loses herself in the story. Replace that Xoom tablet/ereader with an actual hardback book… and that was definitely me two decades ago!

Nick just came in as I was typing this and said, “She’s got all these different facial expressions going while she’s reading… just like YOU!” Yep. Exactly.

I’m about 99% sure that Avery will be getting her first ereader this Christmas. Because, personally, I LOVE seeing her just like this on a Saturday afternoon:

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4 Responses to Yep, she’s mine

  1. kimbethke says:

    That is so cool! Its so great when kids enjoy reading. I’m lucky that Andrew is often found with a nose in a book as well.

  2. Kana Tyler says:

    Oh yes! I have the same combo of kids: one who CAN read well above grade-level (but isn’t addicted) and one who DOES read voraciously. Christian is 10, and told me the other day that he thinks he only inherited two things from me: “my skin” (his dad’s Filipino and sister is a brown-berry, but C is as white as I am), and “my reading.” I’m content with that! 😉

  3. That’s great! I was just like that as a little kid too. It’s great when kids read. I try to encourage my brother (16) and sister (12) to read, but it’s a lost cause. They just don’t appreciate books like I do.

  4. Tami says:

    I was the same kid. Always had my nose in a book and couldn’t figure out why my friends didn’t want to do the same. It probably helps that she gets the added kick of playing with the technology that appeals to kids. Getting her own e-reader is a fabulous idea. She’ll have a wonderful Christmas.

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