A new start?

There are lots of things in my life that could use a “new start.”

Clearly, I could use a new start with my blogging!! It’s been almost a month since I posted here… that’s just sinful! And I do miss blogging. My dad once told me (when I was slacking with my blog posts) that Facebook does NOT replace blogging… but I’m afraid that’s exactly what I’ve let happen here lately. I’d like to reverse that and spend more time blogging and less time Facebooking.

It seems like every week I need a new start with my getting healthy goal (notice I absolutely avoided the “D” word… I hate that word!!). I start out great and track my food, almost obsessively, for a few days. I quit drinking sodas and sweet tea and drink only ice water (even though I hate it). And last week I even exercised one day!!! But, after 4-5 days, suddenly I find that I’m not doing ANY of that anymore… and I vow to “start over” the next week. So far, the numbers on my scale are still coming down. Slowly… but at least they aren’t going in the other direction!

A financial new start would be a dream come true, I think! Sometimes I remember back to when I was fresh out of college and landed my first “real” job making halfway decent money… and, of course, I didn’t have a husband and two kids and two dogs, so that decent money was all mine to do with as I pleased! I had a few bills but nothing even close to what we have NOW. I didn’t have a horrible credit score… back then, I was just starting to establish credit with two measly, low-limit credit cards. And I had absolutely NO trouble qualifying for a loan for my brand new car (my first grown-up purchase). Now, car shopping/qualifying for a loan is just about my biggest nightmare. Today, I make less money, have more dependents, have a lot more bills, have oodles of medical debt that I probably won’t live long enough to pay off, and I’m just happy if we can get through a week with food on the table without our checking account going negative. Yeah, times have changed a bit! I often find myself wishing I were still that girl just starting out… with a new financial start, I’d do things a lot differently. Hindsight and all!

I could even use a new start on the book I’m currently reading. I think I started this book a week or so ago… and I’m still sitting on page 60 or 70, haven’t even picked it up in a few days, so I have no clue what’s going on. Starting that book over is probably in my near future!

For some things (like a book that you’ve only read 60 pages of), a new start is quite simple. For others (like your credit rating), not so much. I’ve been reminding myself a lot lately that regrets won’t get me anywhere… and that I do have the power to change things if I’m not happy with them. Sometimes you can only take baby steps, though… and often times, that’s enough. Clearly, this life is a work in progress!!

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2 Responses to A new start?

  1. Tami says:

    I could use a few “fresh starts” of my own. If you figure out how to get the financial version, let me know. 🙂 I have, so far, refrained from Facebook for exactly the reason you mentioned. I spend sooooo much time on-line blogging, reading blogs, Twitter, IM, etc – I’m afraid to add one more thing.

  2. vljohnson02 says:

    I’m working on a few of those myself 🙂

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