Geocaching is something that we’ve been hearing about for quite a while… but, until recently, we’d never actually tried it ourselves. A few weeks ago, Nick was inspired. We both signed up on the geocaching website, loaded the kids in the car, and set out on our first geocaching adventure!

Geocaching is kind of like treasure-hunting… with a GPS (we used Nick’s phone, which has an app that’s linked to the geocaching website). It’s really easy to do (and makes me wonder why we waited so long to try it), and it’s a great family-friendly activity… especially when the weather is nice! I was really amazed how many caches there are, even in our area. Hundreds of them!!

We started with some easy, guardrail-type caches… because we really didn’t know what to expect. We found them very easily, and the kids were so excited to find little trinkets they could take! Geocaching Rule #1: You can take something out of the cache, but you must leave something in its place. So, after our first two finds, we had to make a pit stop at the local dollar store to buy some “treasures!” Now, we have a stockpile of them that we leave in the car, just in case a spur-of-the-moment caching adventure presents itself!

When you find a cache, you also sign your name and the date on the log that’s located in each one. And it’s especially exciting if you’re the FTF, or first to find, a cache!

I think we ended up finding 13 caches on our first day out. Some of them were really easy guardrail caches. Some of them were more difficult… hidden in the woods or buried in rocks near a bridge overpass. I’m a fan of the easy grabs. Nick and Damon seemed to like the hunting aspect of it, however!

Nick has taken the kids out since that first day, but we haven’t had another family geocaching adventure since then. Nick also got really adventurous and has hidden a few of his own caches. It’s fun to check up on them on the website and read comments from other people who have found them.

All in all, it’s a really fun, unique activity for everyone. I think we’ll enjoy geocaching adventures for a long time to come, now that we know how easy it really is!

(You can find Nick and I on [we’re BuccoWitscheys and MommaWitschey, respectively] if you’re interested in following along with our adventures. Hopefully we’ll have more soon!!)

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2 Responses to Geocaching

  1. I love Geocaching! When my teenaged stepsons lived here we went all the time… but with 2 little ones it’s really hard to get out there and they don’t have the patience to find many. Maybe in a couple of years we’ll get to go again…. I don’t think the sport is going anywhere!

  2. Linda says:

    Erin, I have been interested in doing this for a couple of years!! I can’t seem to get anyone interested. I think that Connor and Kendall would love it, but we ran out of time with the out of town trip…:( I plan to do it, though…..I think it would be a lot of fun! Glad you all are enjoying it. It really is a great family thing!! Love, Aunt Linda

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