Time for a change!

I’ve always been a chronic rearranger. I get sick of looking at the same rooms with the same furniture in the same configurations… so I rearrange. But, in this house, we have so little space (and so MUCH stuff it seems!) that it’s not always easy to rearrange. Much to my dismay.

When we first moved here, 3.5 years ago, I had my desk (which serves double duty as my work/computer desk and my scrapbook area) in our bedroom. It didn’t stay there long. Next, it moved to the dining area outside of the kitchen. And then it finally settled in some extra space IN the kitchen, where it’s been for quite some time.

Tonight, Momma’s area is back in the bedroom. (I’m not sure Nick is especially thrilled about this, but I kind of forgot to mention it to him before I started… oops!)

So, here was this GORGEOUS (insert oodles of sarcasm, please!) corner of our room earlier today:

I know, I know… such a shame to see any of that go away, right??

And this was the mess that I called my scrap table/office in the kitchen:

(Yes, there’s a roll of toilet paper sitting there… a must for any allergy sufferer like myself!)

And, HERE is my new space:

If only it would stay that neat and organized… (Don’t worry, it won’t!)

Now we have a huge, empty space in our kitchen where this used to be. I have no idea what we’re going to put there. Although, an empty space is SO rare in our house, that I’m thinking about just leaving it that way for a while and admiring the… emptiness.

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5 Responses to Time for a change!

  1. egratsia says:

    Love, love , love the way you’ve rearranged it!!!

  2. Sarah Patterson says:

    Awesome I say, Awesom!!! You should be creative now. Scrap to your hearts content.

  3. Tami says:

    The new area looks wonderful, but I know what you mean about it staying that way. Scrapbooking – and pretty much any other craft – requires so much space!

    I had to laugh at the roll of toilet paper. When our kids were at home I didn’t buy Kleenex, because the kids flew through boxes – even when they didn’t have a cold or alergies – at an alarming and high-priced rate. (Not sure what they were doing with all those kleenex . . . stuffing things? hmmmmm) Dave always has a roll of toilet paper sitting on the computer desk because he suffers chronically, as you do. In our new home (with kids at college) he sits at the kitchen table every morning to have coffee and sudoku puzzles so his trusty roll of paper was always sitting there, too. Something about TP on the kitchen table freaked me out – What would people think??? So I had to start buying real Kleenex again.

  4. Kristie says:

    Looks great, Erin! Happy Scrapping!

  5. Gail Knowles says:

    Looks Great Erin !! Can’t wait to see some new creations coming from this new space !

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