Wednesday Check-In

I was not exactly thrilled to be stepping on the scale this morning. Last week, I was excited to step on the scale because I knew I’d had a great week, eating well and exercising. This week… uhhhh, not so much. Not that I totally fell off the wagon, but I know it wasn’t AS good of a week for me.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see a loss on the scale, though. Not much of a loss… 0.4 lbs. But I’ll definitely take it!! Puts me at a total loss of 3.6 lbs for the last 2 weeks. As long as the numbers aren’t going UP, I’m pretty happy.

So, where did I go wrong last week? Well… I started to get hungry mid-week. Hungry for something other than salad and fruit and bagel thins!! Still, I didn’t totally pig out (luckily, there’s not much “pigging out” food in my kitchen at the moment!)… but I did have Papa John’s for dinner Monday night. And, I have to tell you that it was the BEST pizza I’ve ever eaten in my life. I knew I shouldn’t be eating it, but I did… and I enjoyed each and every bite!

And, I never did the Bootcamp W2D1 workout, either. I couldn’t fit it in Monday, so I said I was going to do it yesterday. And, ummm, that never happened either. By last night, I was feeling ridiculously guilty about this one missed workout! So, today, come hell or high water, I AM doing the W2D2 workout and getting back on track.

It would be so easy right now to just throw in the towel and say I’m done. But I know I’ll never forgive myself if I do that. It takes a lot just to decide to get STARTED with this fitness stuff. If I quit now, Lord only knows when I’ll be ready, mentally, to start it up again. So, I’m just going to chalk off the last week as “not my best” and move on!

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9 Responses to Wednesday Check-In

  1. Trish says:

    Yes! You’re last statement is right on! I know you can do this, I know you can. You have me and the rest of the SJ team pushing you. I have to remind you that you did NOT have ANY sweet tea at all. That is an achievement and you should be proud of all the hard work you have put in. We do this together, every day, step by step….mmmm K? Bad days & good days! XOXO!

  2. Laura P says:

    I have fallen behind on the boot camp as well. The first two days I was all gung-ho and then I fell into the “I don’t want to” mindset. Not pretty.

    Congrats on your loss this week and for sticking with it. You are doing great Erin.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Great job! A loss is a loss… own it! You are doing great and can absolutely keep it up.

  4. Brooke says:

    hunger is a healthy eater’s worst enemy – causes questionable judgment. although i would challenge you – if you had a couple pieces of pizza, enjoyed them, and don’t indulge often – i’d put that in the “win” category. i firmly believe that without treats every now and again you’re just setting yourself up for failure. (my “frequent & plenty” tactics, however, are not above reproach)

  5. Christy M. says:

    We all have weeks like that, girl! TRUST ME!! And I’ll tell you a little secret…’s okay to have pizza sometimes. Not all the time. Not every week. But sometimes, it’s okay. If you deny yourself everything you love, you’ll end up throwing in the towel because you get burned out and frustrated.

    Keep on going Erin! DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!

  6. Adah says:

    I agree with Brooke…if I try to eat only “good” for me food then I crave the other stuff. If I have just a little (like your 2 pieces of pizza) then I can move forward without going totally blowing everything I worked for. And I can not believe that you didn’t mention that you hadn’t had any sweet tea…that is a big deal for you! Brag about those accomplishments. You deserve it!

  7. Nadine says:

    I totally agree with what everyone has said — I would get tired of eating the same thing all the time too. That said it is hard to find balance. One of the things that makes a healthy food program successful in the long run is to be able to enjoy what you love in moderation…knowing that it is just one meal, and having the ability to move forward without guilt!

  8. MommaC says:

    A good result over time is the important goal. Devote as little energy as possible slip ups, forgive yourself, and, as you say, move forward. Get right back on the horse! Think of the wonderful example you are setting for Damon and Avery by making healthy choices. Very proud of you, Erin!

  9. AnnG says:

    Great job on your loss this week! A loss is a loss….keep it up!

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