Our Evening with Taylor!

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write this post! ACK! But I couldn’t NOT blog about the Taylor Swift concert!!

I bought the tickets for this concert, for Avery and me, back in January. And, at the time, I was absolutely doing this 100% for my daughter. I’ve never been a huge fan of concerts. I love music… more than I can say… but I don’t really get anything “extra” from seeing songs performed live. I think of concerts as just being hectic and loud… and paying a lot of money to hear songs you really love on the radio being performed crappily on a stage. Why is this fun?? I’ve never really understood it.

But, Avery adores Taylor… and has adored her for several years now. Sure, she went through a Miley phase, and she likes Selena Gomez and Katy Perry and Britney and Kelly Clarkson and (God help me!) Lady Gaga. But she ADORES Taylor. So, when I heard that Taylor was coming to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, I knew I had to get tickets. I wasn’t counting on them being as ridiculously expensive as they were, however! But, I sucked it up and, against my better judgment (at the time), bought two tickets for this concert that was 5 months away.

And Avery started her countdown. I have an app on my phone that counts down the days ’til… whatever. And so we put the Taylor Swift concert in there as an event and we counted the days. And Avery checked my phone, ohhhhh, every 2-3 days or so… and let me know how many days we had left. Of course, time flew, and before we knew it, it was June 18th… and we were on our way to Heinz Field, singing along with Taylor’s latest CD.

So, yeah, I did this for my daughter… because every now and then I’m inspired to do something that makes me eligible for the Mom of the Year award. And Avery loved the concert… she really did. That part didn’t surprise me. What surprised me was how much I loved the concert… and how I went from liking some of Taylor’s music to becoming a full-fledged, obsessive fan in a matter of hours.

The concert was amazing. That’s the only word for it. A-mazing. It was more like watching a Broadway production than a pop/country music concert. Taylor started the concert by talking about the title of her latest album (and tour)… Speak Now. And she said that it can mean a lot of things, but that, for tonight, it’s about her telling us her stories. And she asked us if we’d like to hear her stories. Well, duh!!!! Then, Taylor and her bandmates spent the next 2 hours acting out the songs from Speak Now… with elaborate sets and costume changes and dancing and fireworks, etc. It was just… Wow. Like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

And I know Taylor gets a lot of criticism because she’s not the best singer in the world. But, honestly, she sounded great at the concert. I have heard some television performances by her that were less than stellar… but I guess June 18th was a good day! Or maybe it was the fact that 52,000 people were singing along, word for word. Myself included!

Taylor isn’t the best singer out there, I admit. But she’s an extremely talented young lady, nevertheless. She writes every word of every song… and they really are HER stories. There’s no doubt of that when you see the amount of emotion that she puts into her performances. One of Speak Now’s melancholy, break-up ballads, Last Kiss, has never been my favorite song on the album. Sometimes I even skip over it when we’re listening to the CD. But, when Taylor performed Last Kiss that night, I was honestly moved to tears.

[I felt like a total dweeb, of course… sandwiched in between screaming teenage girls and my daughter… and I was wiping tears from my face before anyone caught this creepy middle-aged mom crying over a Taylor Swift song!!]

Anyway, I spent 2 solid hours on my feet, screaming and squealing as loudly as any teenage girl there. Avery stood in front of me the whole time… and we danced in place and sang along with Taylor (and 52,000 other people!) and lit up our TaylorSwift.com light sticks. We had the BEST time. It was worth every penny that I paid for those tickets. And I would do it again in a heartbeat, given the opportunity.

Unfortunately, I’m not skilled enough to take decent concert pics. I knew this was going to be the case going into it. So, even though I took two cameras (and lots of extra batteries), I got very few good photos! But, here are some… just to give you an idea and prove that we WERE there (and if you’re a Facebook friend, you’ve probably already seen them).

[As always, you can click on any photo to see it larger!]


For her previous album, Taylor wrote a song for/about her mom… called The Best Day. Of course the song has always reminded me of my relationship with Avery. But now, more specifically, it reminds me of June 18, 2011, when I spent a magical, “enchanted” evening with my baby girl. I hope that some day, years from now, Avery will hear that song and think back to that evening, too.

“I didn’t know if you knew, so I’m takin’ this chance to say… that I had the best day, with you, today.”

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2 Responses to Our Evening with Taylor!

  1. Trish says:

    She will remember this always Erin. What a wonderful time you both had and I was so happy that you two could spend this time together. I wish I was there to see her face and hear her sing. What wonderful memories you guys made!

  2. Emily says:

    This post was so sweet, you could easily be Mom of the Year for this little excursion! I even teared up when you wrote about “The Best Day Ever”. So sweet.
    I can’t help but wonder though, do you think your mom was moved to tears by any of the songs she heard when she took four screaming teenage girls to see NKOTB at RFK stadium umpteen years ago?? Bwhahaha.

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