Here We Go Again!!

With a weight loss/fitness challenge!

Really, I really want to stick with it this time and lose some poundage this summer. I need to do this… for me. As a mom and wife, there aren’t too many things I do that are “for me,” so I deserve this; I owe it to myself, really.

Soooo… when my dear friend Trish posted info about the lastest Shrinking Jeans challenge this morning, I wandered on over to their blog and checked it out. And then I signed up. And was assigned to a team. I weighed in (and nearly fainted when I saw that number… the largest number I’ve EVER seen on a scale! Gahh!). And I sent in my official “check-in” form. And then I felt a huge sense of accomplishment… until I realized THAT was the easy part! lol

Now I have to actually stick with it… and watch what I eat and work out (dear Lord!!) and DRINK WATER!! Luckily, I have teammates this time. If I lose sight of the “for me” thing, I can always feel accountable for them, right?? And, I always have Trish in my corner, thank God. Trish is my weight loss/fitness guru. She’s Miss Shrinking Jeans, I hear, and I know she’ll hold my hand through this process.

Boot Camp starts Monday. So I have a few days yet to convince myself that I can and will do this. Good luck, Team 31!!! Oh, and if anyone out there wants to join in on the fun, I hear they’re still taking sign-ups… you can still get a place on a Team!

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7 Responses to Here We Go Again!!

  1. Laura P says:

    Yay for joining in on the challenge! You will do great and everyone at Shrinking Jeans is super supportive. Look forward to following your progress.

  2. Adah says:

    Welcome to the Sisterhood. Good luck with the challenge. With Trish along side of you…you have nothing to lose but pounds!

  3. Brooke says:

    glad to have you for the challenge! 🙂 i’m at that yucky “highest number ever” too. you’re definitely not alone!

  4. Trish says:

    I am not Mrs Shrinking Jeans, well my jeans have shrunk and I love SJ and talk about them constantly, so if that is what you meant then yes LOL! I know that you can do this, I will hold your hand and make you drink water. Even if I have to call you or text you and tell you to do it! Kick some butt and you are doing down, Team 12 is issuing a throw down! ahahahahaha!

  5. Karena says:

    Glad to have you with us! Signing up is both the easiest and the hardest part! Good luck with the challenge – looking forward to seeing you make great progress!

  6. Tami says:

    Good for you! There are lots of us out here fighting that same fight -so we’re cheering for you. I’ll be watching for inspiring posts about your amazing progress to spur me on in my own weightloss fight – but no pressure. 🙂 Good luck!

  7. AnnG says:

    Glad that you signed up for the challenge! Remember that it’s a one day at a time journey! You can do this!! And if you have a bad day just talk to the team mates that ‘s what they are for….and get back in the saddle again! You can do it!!

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