Snap Happy

I recently bought myself a new camera. Although I love my old camera, and have always gotten nice shots from it, it’s a little on the bulky side. I get tired of lugging it to ball games and kids’ events, etc. So, I wanted something smaller that I could just throw in my purse or pocket. I’m happy with the camera I got… it takes beautiful pictures… as long as the subject is close by! Unlike my other, bulkier camera, this new one doesn’t have a super-duper zoom on it. Which makes is less than ideal for ball games and concerts, unfortunately!

But I’m having fun playing with it nonetheless. I still haven’t exactly figured out how it works… there are many features/settings that I haven’t played with yet. Here are some pics I’ve taken recently with my cute, little camera… mostly featuring me and my cute family members! 🙂


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