Moving On

The night of our accident, over a month ago at this point, was pretty surreal. I’d never experienced anything like that before, in 35+ years. And, aside from the terror of the accident itself, I was left with a huge “What Now???” feeling. One minute, our family was happily driving along, heading to grab something to eat after baseball practice. And the next minute, suddenly we were sitting on the side of the road, staring at our vehicle that was in a heap with two other vehicles, surrounded by emergency crews, not knowing how we were even going to get home… let alone how life would go on from that point.

But, obviously life does move on, one way or another! Twenty-four hours later, we had a rental car, and started looking for a new vehicle. A couple of weeks later, this cute little car was sitting in front of our house (I know, I know, the wheels are strange… blame my husband for that. But, they’re wheels, and they get me from Point A to Point B!).

Two weeks after that, and now this little beauty has found her way into our garage.

We bought the Alero from a coworker of Nick’s, who had it sitting in his driveway for over a year. We put a little bit of work/money into it, but even so, it was a great deal… and I think it’s going to be a nice car for us. The Camaro was an amazing gift from my dad and his wife. For the last 16 years, Miss Scarlett has been Morgan’s “baby,” and now Nick has adopted her.

So, as devastated as I was on the evening of April 28th, when my one and only vehicle sat mangled in the middle of the road and I was wondering “What now??”… Today, of course, everything has worked out okay. Maybe even for the better. We didn’t end up with a car payment, which is what I really wanted to avoid, considering we’d just paid off the Blazer last fall. And now, instead of one vehicle, we have two. I’m still not sure what to do with that freedom!! It’s really odd that Nick can just hop in his car now and take himself to work… and I’m never “stuck” at home with no car. Weird, but positively wonderful!!!

Today, I think that this whole experience has just been another example of all things happening for a reason. Although I couldn’t see it at the time, it did work out for the best. None of us was injured, thank God; and now, we have two vehicles and still no car payment. And I’m a very happy, very grateful camper!!

Now, does anyone want to place bets on how long until Nick gets his first speeding ticket in that cherry red beauty??? 😉

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2 Responses to Moving On

  1. Julie K says:

    This blog is a good example of G-d doesn’t close one door without opening another. It seemed, before the Blazer died, the worry was the money. Now you’ve had the answer to your prayers in the first car you bought and the second car that was gifted to you (which is so super kind of your dad and his wife!) It is a reminder to me that sometimes when lemons are thrown at us the lemonade we make out of it can be really quite tasty. I’m sure you would have loved to live w/o the PTSD from the accident but the pieces of life in this saga have fit together nicely, haven’t they?

    Good for you. I’m glad for once something nice has worked out for you all. 🙂

  2. Tami says:

    It’s amazing how often good comes from bad. Glad this horrible situation worked out well for you in the end. I wouldn’t worry too much about Nick and the Camero – but I would start planning now for hiding it from teen drivers. 🙂 Thankful you’re all physically ok and back on wheels. Many more such blessings to you!

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