Mother’s Day

I spent Mother’s Day much like I’ve spent many Sundays lately… at the ballpark with Nick and the kids, watching the Pirates and getting sunburned. My “gift” was a free pair of earrings courtesy of the Pittsburgh Pirates (gotta love Pirates promotions!!). I’ve honestly been looking forward to getting these earrings for months, ever since I saw them in the 2011 promotional schedule.

Nick and the kids are lucky that I’m easy to please, right?? ūüėČ

No… let me be serious for just a minute…

Today, as I was sitting in the bleachers at the ballpark, packed in like a sardine, sweating and getting my 6th sunburn of the season,¬†listening to the drunken asshats sitting behind us (who also stole Damon’s autographed mini-bat… who steals from a ten year old at a baseball game, anyway??)… like I said, it was much like any other Sunday. Only, today, I was¬†a little more aware of the two kids flanking me on either side.

Today, I really didn’t want to be “spoiled” by my kids. I didn’t expect anyone to go above and beyond and do anything ridiculous to let me know I’m appreciated. Just spending a typical Sunday with them was more than enough. My kids are both pretty fabulous on any given day. There’s nothing like sitting in a set of crowded bleachers at a baseball game to drive that point home!! Really… my kids are AWESOME!

I’ve been so blessed with Damon and Avery (and their dad!). It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life… rushing here and there and worrying about laundry and meals and bedtimes. So, today, as we sat at the ballgame, I tried to push all that aside and just really enjoyed and appreciated the kids. They’re wonderful little people. I’m so proud of them… proud of the people they’re becoming. And I’m so looking forward to¬†what awaits them in the future. I know there will be countless “proud momma moments” to come.

I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself a¬†“good mom.” I’ve really thought of the last ten years as just… surviving! Keeping these kids alive and fed and relatively happy… and maintaining a little bit of my own sanity in the process (that’s been the hardest part, I think!!). I know a lot of moms who I think do a much better job than I do at this whole parenting thing. But, I’m extremely lucky that I have two extraordinary children. I think they often¬†make me look better than I deserve. So, this Mother’s Day is really more about them for me. They made me a mother… they make me look like a good mother from time to time. And they certainly make me a happy, proud, overwhelmed-with-love mother… every day.

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