More Pirates goodness!

Nick and I went to Opening Day last Thursday… and we took our kids to “Opening Sunday” a few days later. Again, we had really great seats, right on the third-base line, right off the grass. A great spot for snapping photos, especially during warm-ups when they were right in front of us.

This is my favorite pic from the day. It’s going to be printed, autographed, and hung on The Wall soon! Guess who??

And this one is an interesting Jonesy shot… don’t see this every day (unfortunately!).

Nick has been on a mission for over a year now, trying to find out what kind of bat Garrett Jones uses. He wants to get the same kind of bat and have Jonesy sign it for our Wall (I don’t know why any old bat won’t do the trick, but he’s set on this!). So, because Jonesy, and his bat, were right in front of me during warm-ups Sunday, I took LOTS of pics of this darn bat, trying to get a shot of the lettering on it so Nick could finally solve this mystery!

I think this is the one that finally did it… we zoomed in on this pic to get the details…

It’s a Marucci bat, by the way… just in case anyone else was as curious as my husband! And, actually, Nick went to the game last night with a buddy of his, and Jonesy stopped to sign autographs (of course this happened when I wasn’t there… so sad!). Anyway… Nick asked Jones about his bat… he verified that it is a Marucci. And Nick asked where he could buy one that has Garrett Jones’ name on it, so he could get him to sign it for our wall. Jonesy said, “that’s what you really want? I’ll get you a bat. I usually have extras in my car but I don’t have any tonight… but I’ll get you one.” Nick talks about ME being so excited to see Jonesy that I pee my pants. Uh huh. I’ll guarantee you Nick will need some assistance in that regard if Jonesy actually gives him one of his bats!! (I’ll keep you posted on this, for sure!)

There are actually a few other players on this team… and I do take pictures of them, too, really! Here’s Cutch, signing autographs in our section after warming up, before heading to the dug-out. Damon was lucky enough to get a ball signed.

Jose Tabata on second base. I love him!

Pitcher James McDonald got a hit and actually made it all the way to third base. That was quite impressive!

Second baseman Neil Walker, aka “The Pittsburgh Kid,” at bat.

And, finally, our new closer, Joel Hanrahan. When we met Joel during the Winter Caravans, we had him sign the picture of our Pirates Wall. Joel actually took the time to study the picture, and he gave Nick a hard time because HIS picture wasn’t hanging on our wall anywhere. Sure enough, I have NO pics of Joel pitching! So, at Sunday’s game, I made sure to take some!

Next game we go to, we’ll take one of these pics and have Joel sign it after the game. THEN, he will finally be proudly displayed on our Pirates Wall. I know that’ll make his day, ahahaha!

As usual, we waited after the game for autographs. The usual suspects stopped… including Evan Meek. I don’t think I’ve ever been that he hasn’t stopped… such a nice guy! When he stopped Sunday, we were really the only people left out there. Avery went running up to his car with her pink baseball, and he leaned down out of the window, smiling at her. I think that totally made her day.

And, Paul Maholm stopped and signed for Nick. He’s a nice guy, too. Most of the pitchers are great about stopping, signing, chatting with the fans. Gives me warm fuzzies.

Last but not least… here are my babies, waiting patiently on the curb for more ball players to come out of the garage and sign for them. These two are such troopers. They’ll sit there for hours, even after everyone else has given up and gone home. Nick and I are so fortunate that our kids love this crazy hobby as much as we do!!

Our next scheduled game is April 24th, Easter Sunday with the Pirates! But, you never know, we might decide to go to another one between now and then. We’re a little Bucco Crazy around here!

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