My babies

I know it’s been forever since I posted pics… it’s been forever since I TOOK pics, believe it or not! So, Saturday night when the kids were chilling in Damon’s room, I took advantage and grabbed the camera.

They’re so funny… they were sitting on Damon’s bed, so I went in and said, “What are you guys doing?” They replied, “Just talking.” Ummm, okay. Normally, that would make me suspicious. But, really, it looked like they were… just talking. Sometimes I feel very blessed that I have two kids who generally love each other and enjoy spending time together. Of course, they have their typical sibling moments… when they don’t seem to love each other all that much! But, for the most part, they really are great friends. And nothing warms a mom’s heart more than that!!!

You can kinda see where Avery’s shark tooth is no longer in these pics… although, it looks like a big tooth is just TRYING to poke through there now! The poor child needs some teeth. She was telling us how she couldn’t eat her apple at lunch Friday because she doesn’t have any teeth!!

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