Damon’s grades

I’m a proud Momma Bear this week! Damon had a pretty rotten report card last grading period… a few of his grades dropped from the previous grading period and he had two Cs (which is pretty much unheard of for him!). Honestly, I think he was more disappointed in himself than Nick and I were with him!

I don’t get overly excited with grades/report cards. Even when I was a student (a million and a half years ago!), they just didn’t mean that much to me. I got decent grades and that was good enough for me… but I certainly didn’t stress about grades or GPA or class standings. Blah. Life is too short.

I’m not sure why Damon stresses so much because he certainly doesn’t get any pressure from home. But when he came home with Cs on his last report card, he was downright devastated.

Fast forward to last Friday, Report Card Day… Damon walked in the house after school looking very grumbly and muttered, “I still have a C in Reading.” So, I was a little scared to look at his report card. However, I was so pleasantly surprised when I did! Yes, he still has a dreaded C in Reading (which is really odd because Reading has always been Damon’s strongest subject, so I’m not sure what’s going on this year!)… but, the rest of his grades were awesome… and he even brought up several from the previous grading period!

For those of you who aren’t experts at interpreting Report Cards… I’ll summarize.

Damon brought up the following grades: B to A in English, B to A in Math, and C to A in Social Studies. And the following grades remained the same: C in Reading, A in Spelling, B in Computers, A in Health, and S in Phys. Ed. and Art.

His GPA also came up from a 3.0 to 3.57… that’s pretty awesome work for a measly 9 weeks! I’m quite proud of my boy! 🙂

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… Avery’s Report Card was all As and Ss, same as every grading period! I don’t think she’s especially challenged with First Grade… but, of course, we’re proud of her, too. As usual!

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