Pinterest: Words

Pinterest is my latest addiction. My friend Melissa introduced me to it… and lots of my scrapping/crafty friends are hooked, too. I’m not really sure why it fascinates me so, but there’s something oddly satisfying about seeing things grouped together in collections of my choosing!

I’ve become so addicted to pinning and have so many things pinned on my boards that I’m now forgetting what all I have pinned! So, I thought I’d highlight a “board” on here from time to time and share some of my favorite pinned items.

One of the first boards I created was the Words board. It’s pretty self-explanatory… words that I love because they inspire me, because the way they’re displayed is pleasing to the eye, or just because they make me smile (or laugh, in some cases). Here are some of my favorite Word pins (and if you click on them, you’ll be linked to the original site where they appeared):

This is so true. I can’t imagine my life, or my sleepless nights, without books!!


I so want to put this on my front door! Solicitors make me crazy… but I do love to see the Girl Scouts coming!

When I first saw this on Pinterest, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It drives me crazy when people ask random questions online… and I think, “why didn’t they just Google that??” Google is fabulous. Use it!

Such a simple sentiment. I love the different fonts… and love the white vinyl on the red wall. Just stunning!

More white vinyl on a colored wall. Love.

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