Around here

I know I’ve been a horrible, horrible blogger lately. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me! And now that it’s been SO long since I blogged, I really have no idea what to blog about. Not that anything terribly exciting is going on around here, anyway!!

Here are some recent snippets for your reading pleasure (to tide you over until I have something more substantial to post about… which may be never, you realize?).

**Avery’s shark tooth is no longer with us! RIP Shark Tooth. Really, that darn thing hung around LONG enough. Avery had her 6-month dentist appointment last week, and she told the dentist she wanted to have the shark tooth pulled. So it was pulled. Avery was okay until afterward, when she had an hour or so of hysteria… which I had no idea how to handle! Avery has never been a hysterical child; she’s my happy kid!! I didn’t know what to do with a sad, crying, miserable Avery. A milkshake and some ibuprofen did the trick, though, and she was back to my happy, smiling Avery in no time. And, she smiles a lot bigger now that she’s not self-conscious about the ugly shark tooth! She was also pretty happy that the Tooth Fairy left her TEN BUCKS for the ugly tooth. I still need to get a good “After” pic of her, sans shark tooth!

The last pic of the infamous shark tooth!

**We’ve been car shopping for the last 2 weeks. Although it pains me to take on a car payment again (after paying off our Blazer several months ago), I’m more than ready to have a working second car again! Nick and I manage sharing a car pretty well… but it’ll definitely be nice to have the freedom to just pick up and go when I want/need to. I’ve always been a pick-up-and-go-kinda girl… so being “stuck” has been different for me, to say the least! Car shopping has been a nightmare, though. I’ve never had so much trouble buying a car… never, ever! Tomorrow morning, we’re going to look at car #3. And I’m really hoping the third time’s a charm… because I’m tired of car shopping, in a big way!

**Damon started baseball last week! He’s playing for the Weirton Cubs, and he’s number 24 (he chose that number because it’s Pedro Alvarez’s number with the Pirates this year). Tonight was their second practice, and so far, so good. I’m hoping he has a great season. I know he’s missed baseball this winter. We’ve ALL missed baseball this winter!!!!!

**Health Update: I’m still here, still breathing! Still not always breathing easily, exactly, but I don’t think I’ll be hospital-bound anytime soon. My allergies have really kicked up in the last week or so, which just makes everything ten times worse. Tonight, I used a Neti Pot for the first time, at my friend Cherie’s suggestion. That was… interesting… to say the very least!! But my sinuses did feel relieved… for a little bit, anyway! And I’m still smoke-free, I’m proud to report! It’s been well over a month now… and if it weren’t for these other allergies, I think I’d feel TONS better just from not smoking. Amazing how that works.

I think that’s all the “major” news I have to share at the moment. Exciting stuff, huh??

I’m really going to make an effort to get my camera out more often and try to post some pics someday soon. (Gram and Cliff, I know you’re here looking for new pics… I’ll get some, one of these days!!!)

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