It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, huh??

I’m so bad at this lately. One of these days, I am going to get back into the swing of things and post regularly again… I promise!

For now, I can give you a little health update, although I don’t have much to add! I had a follow-up doctor appointment after I was released from the hospital… and my doctor said it’s safe to say that I meet all the criteria and can be considered asthmatic. When I was in the hospital, everyone kept asking me, “Do you have asthma?” Well, no, not that anyone has ever told me!! So, apparently I can now say, “Why, yes, I do have asthma!” Oh, goody.

She gave me a Symbicort inhaler, which is a corticosteroid that should continue to help open up my bronchial tubes. I still have a bit of a wheeze goin’ on, but it may take months for that to improve much. I also still have a nebulizer and oodles of albuterol solution for it… so I use that a couple of times a day, or whenever I feel that I need it.

Aside from the asthma and messed up bronchial tubes, I obviously have allergies that don’t help the situation! I know that I’m allergic to my dear dogs. And maybe a smarter person would get rid of her dear dogs, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. Not at this point, anyway. I know that a lot of people (my mother and doctor included) are completely baffled by this… after two extended stays in the hospital in just as many years because I can’t breathe, you would think I’d do anything at all necessary to make sure I don’t end up back there, right? But “getting rid of the dogs” is just NOT that easy. They’re MY dogs, who I’ve raised and cared for these last 4 and 5 years. I’m a little attached to them, and if there’s any way that we can co-exist, then I’m going to try that first. (Sorry, Mom!)

We did take Comet into the groomer and had his hair trimmed way back. We plan to have him groomed regularly (something we’ve never done before). And, my dad gave me an awesome Dyson Animal vacuum that we’ve been using DAILY, trying to keep up with the hair and dust in the house. There are things I can do easily around the house to help with my allergies… things much less drastic than getting rid of my furbabies!

I’m also smoke-free… again. There’s no better smoking cessation technique than spending 4-10 days in the hospital. And, I promise, I don’t plan to pick it up again… ever again. I quit for 6 months the last time I was hospitalized, and starting again is definitely one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done (you don’t have to tell me, really… I know!). I think I justified it by saying, “I don’t smoke AS MUCH as I used to.” And I didn’t ever go back to a pack a day… more like 5 or 6 a day, which was an improvement… but still insane!!

One of the respiratory therapists who was giving me tips on quitting said, “Just tell yourself that you’re a non-smoker.” I laughed when she said it, but honestly, I’ve done that several times in the last couple of weeks… and it works! I’m a non-smoker. Easy enough!

So, hopefully all of this will keep me OUT of the hospital for a while. I can think of much nicer (not to mention cheaper!) places to vacation, really!

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