Ready for what’s next

When I was in the hospital for 10 days back in 2009, upon my return home, a friend mentioned that she thought I was a little manic. And, really, I was. I was so thrilled to be home, back to my life… I reveled in everything around me for a few days, even sweeping the floor and scrubbing the toilet!

And then, at some point, I adjusted to being back home, back to the normal daily grind… And then I was very down and depressed for a while. I can’t recall exactly what that was about or how I was feeling during those darker days… Although, I’m certain that I blogged about it and could go back through the archives to refresh my memory!

But, anyway, I’m bringing all of this up now because suddenly I’m back in the same situation… And mentally preparing myself for what’s to come in the following days.

I can’t wait to get home, back to my kids and my husband, the dogs, even the dirty dishes!! Even all of the things I dread most of the time (like dishes), I find myself looking forward to. Because even washing dishes is better than sitting in a hospital bed doing nothing! I’d gladly take on some grueling, not-so-fun household chores right now… And we all know that household chores are sooooo not my thing!

It’s very surreal to suddenly be zapped out of your daily life, with not much warning, and laid up in a hospital for days on end. Very surreal. The one good thing about these experiences is that I so look forward to getting home. I truly appreciate my little life and all the people/things in it… Tenfold.

So, I’m preparing for a brief manic episode just in time for my 35th birthday. Awesome!! 😉

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  1. Al 2012 says:

    Great post you got here. I agree with you and will definitely look forward to your coming updates. Thank you and keep the great work up. It would be great to read something a bit more concerning this matter.

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