Live from WMC: Day 3.5

Still here on the 8th floor of Weirton Medical Center (stalk me if you will, scary Internet stalkers… You can’t be any scarier than my roommate, trust me!).

Actually, I’m feeling a teensy, weensy bit of guilt this morning because I’ve been referring to her as my “crazy roomie” on Facebook all week. Although, honestly, “crazy” can be rather endearing as far as I’m concerned (check my blog title, hello!)… But, no, really, she is pretty darn nutty.

Still, after spending so much quality time with C (really, her name does start with C, that’s not another “crazy” ref) this week, I’m much less annoyed by her and a lot more saddened by her situation. She obviously has some major health issues, is not all there mentally, yet has been here completely alone… without a single visitor… for three days. The nurses and aides all know C; she’s clearly a frequent guest here on the 8th floor. And after crying out repeatedly for her momma or anyone to help her, when a nurse does come to help, C always confesses her love for said nurse… Who usually replies, “Oh, I love you, too, C.” And they truly seem to. They appear equally annoyed, frustrated, and in love with her, which really intrigues me… This is also leading me to believe, not for the first time, that there’s a special place in heaven for nurses!!!

So, I finally saw my doctor yesterday afternoon. She says my lungs are moving air well (much better now after a dozen breathing treatments) and sound fairly clear. The bronchospasms, or wheezing, are the main issue right now. Although I am responding to treatment, it’s a slow process… So I’m not sure how many more days I’ll be here. I’m guessing a few and really hoping to be home and halfway healthy in time for my birthday next week!

After this experience, I’ll be looking at those 35 candles in a different light… I’m no longer dreading turning another year older but am looking forward to another blessed year surrounded by my loved ones. My dear Aunt Linda frequently reminds me to live each day to the fullest… She’s really onto something with that! 😉

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