Another hospital stay

Just wanted to make a brief post, for the few of you who aren’t Facebook friends but do check in on my blog… (This is the first time I’ve attempted to blog from my phone, so hopefully it’ll work!)

I’m back at lovely Weirton Medical Center… was admitted this afternoon after two trips to the ER in the last two days. Chest x-ray was clear, but I’m having trouble catching my breath and wheezing like crazy.

Of course, I didn’t get into a room until late this afternoon, and there’s a small blizzard outside, so I have no idea when I’ll see a doctor, what the plan is, and/or how long I’ll be here. Hoping it’s nowhere close to the 10 days I stayed two years ago, though! I have a birthday to celebrate next week, after all.

I’m trying to post updates on Facebook regularly (because it’s easy to do via Crackberry). I have access to email and texts, too, and I’m bored to tears… So don’t be afraid to give me a call or drop a line (or send food; they don’t believe in feeding me here!!).

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1 Response to Another hospital stay

  1. Becki says:

    I hope you’re out of there soon!

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