Spring is on the horizon!

I always say I looooove Winter so very much. And, generally, I do. I love a good snowstorm and being snowed in and cuddly in my warm, little house. I love Snow Days when we get to sleep in and sit around in our jammies all day (oh, wait… I do that EVERY day!).

But, basically, this particular Winter has sucked.

I live in the hills of West By-God Virginia… yet, we saw very little snow this year. Total bummer. Although we had enough snow for the kids to enjoy sledding a few times, it was nothing to write home about, nothing that left us “snowed in.” However, it has been bitter cold for a lot of this Winter… and there’s really nothing fun about bitter cold. Also, every germ in the tri-state area seems to have found its way to my house in the last few months. I’m soooo incredibly tired of feeling rotten, of the kids feeling rotten, of going to one, two, or three doctor appointments every week. I should own stock in whoever makes amoxicillin… Lord knows we’ve used enough of it lately!

So, today, on this beeeeeeautiful 60-degree day in the middle of February, I’m rejoicing. So happy to walk outside without a jacket, to open my windows and let some fresh air in, to hear wind chimes and even a few birds out there! Comet and I enjoyed a nice walk around the block this afternoon… something that is always good for both of us and that we’ve missed this Winter. (I’m speaking for the dog because I’m SURE I know exactly what he’s thinking/feeling at any given moment… I’m good like that.)

I think maybe I’ve had a case of the Winter Blahs lately. Although I have nothing specific to complain about, I’ve just felt more down than usual… and that’s such a miserable feeling! Today, however, I feel like maybe Spring will bring some much-needed changes for me and my mental state. Life is too short not to get out there and LIVE it, right??

I do realize, as I type this, that it’ll probably be frigid and snowing this time next week. Winter is far from over, I’m sure. But this little preview of Spring that we’re getting right now? It’s positively lovely.

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