Ten Years Ago…

A star was born.

An exhausted mom after 24.5 hours of labor. I can’t tell you what exactly I was thinking at this point. Mostly, I think I was just amazed that I brought that little life into the world and that he was actually mine!!

Such a young dad! He’s been a wonderful dad from the moment Damon took his first breath. I never could’ve predicted that when I met Nick just 16 short months before this picture was taken. But I’ve been extremely grateful for it every day since!

Two clueless parents. No idea what we’d gotten ourselves into at this point… but both thrilled to meet our new son (and needing some sleep, desperately… Yeah, that wouldn’t happen for another couple of years!).

Two proud grandmas.

Three generations… their baby and her baby.

One perfect baby boy!

Wide awake in his Grampy’s arms…contemplating world events, I’m sure!

Happy 10th Birthday, Damon Taylor… I loved you then and I love you now, more than words can say.

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