It’s that time again!

My basement is turning into Pinewood Derby Central!!!

Although Damon and Nick didn’t sign up for Scouts this past fall, Nick did decide to return this winter to help with the Derby… he is Mr. Pinewood Derby, after all.

Today is the first of many workshops that will be held in our basement. (Yes, I have that bottle of ibuprofen handy!) I went around and snapped a few pics of Derby Central this morning… before the kids start arriving and it turns into total chaos.

The most important part of Derby Central (and the real reason everyone comes here) is THE saw…

Then, there are the many car patterns that the boys choose from (and safety goggles for the saw, of course).

Here we have the official scale (because weight is definitely one of THE most important things in Derby cars!) and the melter thingy (clearly I could use some more education about that particular tool… I have no idea what they use it for!).

And the painting station…

that sits on top of the official Witschey Trophy case (2010 was a big year for us, obviously!).

Exciting stuff. My husband will be completely obsessed with Derby preparations for the next month, so I’m mentally preparing myself for that. Hey, it could be worse, right?? 😉

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