Friday night

I’m having a hard time dealing with the sheer excitement of my life tonight… so, naturally, I thought I’d share it with you!

This is what I’ve been doing all evening (2 pages from my work notebook where I jot down all sorts of random, ridiculous things that no normal person should EVER concern herself with!). I’m editing articles for Molecular Biology of the Cell tonight… snore!

I’d really rather be scrapbooking tonight (I’d almost always rather be scrapbooking, even though I rarely take the time to do it these days!). But, seriously, I can’t even FIND my scrap table at the moment. I promise, it’s buried under all of that junk somewhere:

OMG, right???

And, this is the nightmare that occurs in my kitchen when the dishwasher is taken away to be repaired (because God forbid I actually WASH a dish by hand!). I’m ashamed… truly.

Avery is feeling a bit better tonight, I think… well enough to rock out on her Paper Jamz, anyway!

Damon is in his normal spot (on the couch) doing his normal thing (playing Xbox). And, as usual, he’s THRILLED to have me snap a picture of him!

Lizzie is in heat, so I’ve assigned her this spot on the chair, on this blanket (and I’ve been doing lots of laundry this week!!). She is simply overjoyed with her life right now. Actually, she probably is quite happy at this particular moment because Comet isn’t concerning himself with her private parts, for a change.

Comet is following me obediently from room to room, wondering why the hell I’m taking pictures of everybody and everything. Just smile pretty, Comet!

The fish are… swimming. Really, they’re so predictable, those fish!!

We have a new rainbow shark (who is actually a catfish)… I love him.

We also have some new Mickey Mouse platys… Avery’s favorites.

Okay, that’s enough with the fish already.

That’s pretty much our house in a nutshell on this Friday night. It is extremely difficult to maintain this level of excitement, but life is short, ya know??

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1 Response to Friday night

  1. Katie says:

    You mean you live a normal life? Normal is good. 🙂

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