Wednesday Check In

I didn’t do a “check-in” post last week because… well… I didn’t have much GOOD to report! After the 1st week of this challenge, I’d actually gained 1 pound (totally blaming that on hormones and being a woman, though! lol). Today, I’ve lost almost 3 pounds since last Wednesday. It’s so much more fun to report a loss!!!

Although, honestly, I don’t feel very deserving of that loss. I have done a terrible job sticking to ANY of my goals, and I was rather shocked when the scale showed a loss today!

Next week, I’d really like to be able to report a loss and feel that I earned it. So, this week my goal is to MOVE. Exercise is my least favorite thing to do… I’d much rather curl up on the couch with a good book when I have some down time. But, I’m going to make an effort to get myself moving this week… whether it’s to take a snowy walk around the neighborhood or actually do my Wii Active work-outs… something!!!

At least that way, if the scale goes down next week, I’ll know I earned it. And if it goes up, well, I’ll know that I did something to prevent that from happening and that the next week is bound to be better!


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3 Responses to Wednesday Check In

  1. Trish says:

    MOMMA!!! I have internet, so far so good. 3lbs is awesome and I don’t care how you did it or what you didn’t do to get it. I think it’s great, don’t down talk the weight loss…no negative talk!!

    I need to move more this week as well, no exercise last week. But we will get moving next week!

  2. Julie K. says:

    Like your friend said above, 3 pounds is not bad. Go easy on yourself. If you start making too many drastic changes to your life you will be resentful and will give up. Give yourself a goal each day. Don’t overset the goal. Baby steps. Losing weight sucks. I hate exercising too.

  3. MommaC says:

    I’d give my eye teeth to lose three pounds in a week, and wouldn’t worry about the whys or the wherefores! That’s fabulous. Don’t minimize it! Very proud of you. Keep it up, girl!

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