Avery’s Cheerleading Debut

Now you know, I’ve been looking forward to taking oodles of pics of this event ALL WEEK. And I was beyond disappointed to get there and find that the lighting in this gymnasium was just horrid!! No matter how I messed with the settings on my camera, I got black pictures. So, I’ve tried to lighten them as much as I can with my lame photo-editing skills… at least you’ll get an idea, anyway!

All in all, I think the diva had a fun time. She was a little nervous last night… which is odd because this child was born to perform! But she did great… Nick and I were proud parents. Can’t wait until next week to see her at it again. Maybe by then I’ll figure out HOW to take photos in that place!!!

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2 Responses to Avery’s Cheerleading Debut

  1. Trish says:

    LOVE!! I wish I was there, she looks just to cute! Go Diva Go!!

  2. Kristie says:

    LOL at your commentary on the pics! She’s adorable in her outfit. I’ll bet the nerves are gone by next week!

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