Happy 7th, Avery!

From this (December 26, 2003)…

To this (December 26, 2010)…

It’s simply AMAZING how quickly that happens.

Even more amazing is how much MORE I love her with each passing day/week/month/year. The day she was born, I thought I loved her plenty… but now, seven years later? My heart must’ve pulled a Grinch and grown exponentially in the last seven years to hold all of the love I have for this child today.

She is one of the most magnificent people I know. With every smile, every laugh, every question, every silly story, every snuggle, every “I love you, Mommy”… I am truly blessed. And I wonder what I ever did to deserve her!!

Happy Birthday, Avery Brooke!

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3 Responses to Happy 7th, Avery!

  1. Caryn McGraw says:

    How sweet! Did we truly understand what great love a mother has for her child, until we had our own? I don’t think I did. In the beginning I think we love them for what we see and for the fact that they are of our flesh. I think over time we love them for what we see, that they are of our flesh, and for the little individuals they truly become. Your kids are cute. I enjoy your blog.

  2. carla says:

    AWWWW hope she had a great b-day! What a cutie!

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