Seven years later…

I’m finding out just how unfortunate it is to give birth to a child the day after Christmas (or anywhere near Christmas, for that matter!).

When I had Avery, I got so much grief from people… “What a horrible time to be born!! You know she’s going to get birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper and she’s going to get half as many presents as she should…” and blah blah blah. And, at the time, the timing didn’t feel very unfortunate to me. She was considerate enough to wait until the day AFTER Christmas, so Nick and I were home to enjoy Christmas day with our then-three-year-old son. We had nothing better to do on December 26th, so spending the day at the hospital and having a baby worked well for us… then.

And, really, for the last six years, it hasn’t been that horrible. When Avery was younger, we had family birthday parties at the house… and it worked pretty well because we had family around for Christmas anyway. So, we killed two birds with one stone, which was nice!

Now, however, Avery wants FRIENDS at her birthday party. She wants to invite everyone she knows… and she wants ALL of them to attend and shower her with gifts. Because, God knows, everyone should celebrate the diva’s birth! Unfortunately, Avery doesn’t yet understand that her birthday falls on a very unfortunate day… that it’s pretty likely that no one would show up to a party on December 26th, no matter how much they adore her.

So, this year, we’re having Avery’s birthday party a week early… which would be tomorrow. It sounded like a good idea at the time. But now, I’m feeling unbelievably stressed and my mind is going in twenty different directions at once, trying to get things ready for Christmas and then Avery’s birthday party and THEN Avery’s actual birthday (because we’ll have to do SOMETHING that day, no matter how small). My head hurts. My debit card is getting worn out. And I’m tired of cleaning, preparing for little people to invade my little house tomorrow afternoon.

So, now, seven years after the fact, having a baby the day after Christmas doesn’t sound like such a good idea. Probably not much chance I could get a do-over, though…

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1 Response to Seven years later…

  1. Julie K. says:

    You’ll get through it and the happiness she will have after the last guest leaves will make it that much more worthwhile. I get stressed having children over at my house too and everything you said echoes my same sentiments about past and future birthday parties. I have a December baby too and no matter what people say we couldn’t really have prepared differently, could we have? We make the best and give to them what we can. And, if all else fails, make yourself a pot of tea and add a bit of brandy or scotch to it. Works for me and gets me over the hump and kids are too young to smell the liquor on us, LOL!

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