December Daily

I don’t know if you’ve been following along on my Facebook page… but I’ve been posting a daily pic each day this month. And I’m going to make a very simple, photo-intensive scrapbook with them eventually. I have started this part of the project but haven’t gotten too far… even though the point of the original December Daily project (first introduced by Ali Edwards, who is a creative GENIUS) is to actually CREATE a scrapbook page each day… ehhhh, I’m doing this in baby steps!!

I’m super proud of myself for taking and posting pictures for 16 days in a row. I always have intentions to do fun things like this and then, well, they fall by the wayside. Like that One Little Word thing?? ahahahaha. Yeah. Let’s not talk about that.

You can see all of my December Daily pics by going here. But here are some of my favorite ones so far:

If you’re lucky, you might be seeing more of this next one… in the form of Christmas cards that should be showing up in your mailboxes soon!!

I kinda cheated for this one… okay, I REALLY cheated because I actually posted two pics (on Facebook) for this day. And this one is obviously a collage of several pics. There’s just no way I could only post ONE pic of a trip to Oglebay!! And, hey, I’m making the rules here, right??

Stay tuned for more fascinating December Daily photos! This project is making me realize just how pathetic and boring my life really is (and now everyone else will know that, too!).

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2 Responses to December Daily

  1. Katie says:

    totally enjoying your december daily pics!

  2. Trish says:

    Oh hush it Erin! You have a wonderful life! I love seeing these photos, makes me feel like we aren’t so far apart after all! XOXOX!

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