Lookin’ like a book blog??

I know, I know… that’s what it’s starting to look like around here. It’s NOT my intention to turn Crazy Comma Momma into a “book blog,” but I have been doing a lot of reading lately… and I’ve been getting a lot of advanced copies of these books, so I feel obligated to pimp them a little!

I’m reading so much lately because I’ve basically spent the last two weeks sick in bed. UGH. I’ve always considered myself a pretty good sick person (if there is such a thing), but I’m starting to rethink that… because this has been downright miserable!!

Luckily I have a very patient husband, well-behaved children (when they need to be!), dogs that like to snuggle, and a new Nook loaded with ebooks! Even when you’re under the weather, life isn’t so bad! šŸ˜‰

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