Wheeling Nailers

They aren’t the Pirates, and I’m still having withdrawals now that baseball season is over… but we do enjoy taking in a Wheeling Nailers hockey game every  now and then. We’ve gone to several Nailers games the last few years… yet, somehow, I never realized that Nick’s employer is one of their main sponsors and therefore has awesome, on-the-ice, box seats!! I was tickled when Nick brought home 8 free tickets last weekend. We invited our friends, the Goldens, to join us… and had a GREAT time. It’s definitely a different experience when you’re in the VIP section! 😉

Here was the view from my seat… can’t get much closer to the action than this!

Damon loved slapping hands with the players as they made their way on and off the ice.

Mr. Enthusiasm here (but I know he was secretly having a good time!):

The kids were chosen to go out on the ice and pick up pucks after the Chuck-a-Puck thing… Melody and I were laughing, saying that we’d never seen our kids so energetic and willing to CLEAN anything!

Damon was all smiles all night… such a great thing to see. Here he is with his friend Jonathan, ready to clean up hockey pucks.

Avery and Naythan are quite the duo.

Some hockey shots…

And all this fun was brought to you by…

A groovy place to work!! 😉

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