Avery and I were on our way to the grocery store one evening last week… just driving down the road, singing along with our favorite Christmas radio station. When this random conversation took place.

Avery: “Mommy… Are reindeers real???”

Me: “Well. Yeah. Sort of. They’re like, uhhh, magic… you know, like Santa!” (Whew!!! Got out of that one, huh??)

Avery: “So, then, is Santa real?????” (She’s sounding a little desperate now… like she’s pleading, please make it so, make Santa real!!)

Me: “Well, he’s magic… like the reindeer!” (Surely she won’t notice that I took her around in a circle with those answers, right??)

Blessed silence. And I’m seriously wiping my brow, thinking Thank God this conversation has come to an end!! This is mega-stressful stuff for a mom. But I should’ve known better. She wasn’t actually done with this conversation… she was just thinking about it some more.

Avery: “Mom? You know how Santa is at the mall or at a store or whatever… is that the REAL Santa?? Or is it just a man in a Santa suit?”

Dear God. This is the worst question ever. I’d rather talk about the birds and the bees with my kids… no joke. Hate. This. Question.

Me: “Sometimes it’s the real Santa. Obviously he can’t be at every mall or every store at the same time… so sometimes it’s just a man in a suit. Santa has helpers because he can’t be everywhere at once. But sometimes it really is him.”

Avery: “So how do you know if it’s the real Santa or not??”

Me: “You never know. So you just have to pretend they’re all real… just in case!”

I got the feeling Miss Smarty Pants was NOT really thrilled with that answer. Her brow was furrowed and she looked like she had fifty more questions to ask… but then we arrived at the store and she moved on to bubble gum.

For once, I was thrilled to let her choose a pack of bubble gum at the check-out. Just please, please don’t ask me any more Santa questions!!!!

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2 Responses to Inquisitive

  1. Becki says:

    Funny that you made this post tonight. After dinner, Hannah said “Hey guys. How did you make me?”. Perhaps the scarier part is that she has recently been asking how old she has to be before she can have a baby in her belly. I think I’d be willing to trade places. Isn’t not-quite-three a little young for these questions?! Why didn’t anyone warn me about this part of parenthood? Excuse me while I hyperventilate.

  2. Emily says:

    The hard part is talking about the birds and the bees with one child while discussing Santa with another under the same roof. Talk about needing your happy pills to keep your sanity! lol

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