My girl wants curls!

We always want what we don’t have. All of my friends who have straight hair wish they had a head full of curls; those who have a head full of curls spend hours with a flat iron, straightening their unruly locks. We women are never happy!!

And my beloved daughter is no exception.

Avery has gorgeous hair. But, she definitely takes after her mom and her hair is super straight and flat… no curl or even a wave to be found. (Sorry, kid!)

When I was her age, I was probably not too far from getting my first perm. The first of many hair-destroying chemical nightmares (that I always regretted, yet kept getting!). Thankfully (for Avery and her head), perms don’t seem to be as popular as they were “back in the day,” so I hope she won’t come home asking me for one anytime soon!

What she does ask is that I braid her hair every now and then before bed, so that she can sleep on the braids and wake up with magically “poofed,” somewhat curly (in her mind, anyway) hair in the morning. This I can do.

This was Avery two nights ago, before bed:

Yes, I do believe she’s actually PRAYING for curls here…

And the next morning… Voila! We have a new “look!”

(Yes, she’s doing homework in the morning because we didn’t get to it the night before… don’t judge! lol)

Luckily for me, Avery’s “wants” are pretty easy at age 6. I know that won’t always be the case. I’m trying to soak up every moment, every crazy thing she says, every smile on her face, every simple request now… while I can. One day she’ll be a demanding teenager with an attitude who hates her mother, and I’ll look back at these pictures and think, “Remember When??”

I absolutely adore this girl… straight, curly, and everything in between.

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4 Responses to My girl wants curls!

  1. Trish says:

    I do too and she looks so adorable with wavy hair!!

  2. Katie says:

    Cherish these moments, my dear E! Cute pics. 😀

  3. Tami says:

    Soak up every moment of this adorable little girl. The years really do fly by.

  4. Granny Dean says:

    Curls or no curls, she is a Beautiful Great Grand Daughter. Love you Dear ones !!!

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