Signs that you’re getting older

1. You have a pill case with the days of the week on it, to keep track of all your meds.

2. Without that pill case, you can never remember if you already took your pill or not.

3. You can’t sleep through the night without at least one potty break.

4. You recognize nothing on MTV and wonder “where are the videos??”

5. You curse the people who are responsible for putting Castle in the 10pm time slot (and you probably wouldn’t have missed your favorite show 2 weeks in a row if it started at 8pm instead).

6. You spent 5 hours yesterday in the ER with your husband (who is also getting older) because he threw out his back.

7. Your husband’s bedside table is filled with various pill bottles (he needs a days-of-the-week organizer, too!).

8. Checking the mail every day is an event.

9. When channel surfing and you realize there’s nothing on, you stop on CNN or The Weather Channel. Uhhh, what??

10. You’re ready for a nap by 8am.

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3 Responses to Signs that you’re getting older

  1. Stephenie says:

    OMG, Erin!!!! That is sooo funny and ohhhh so true..

  2. Trish says:

    Bwahahahaha….I love this! And totally agree!

  3. Riot! and true…..(sigh!)


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