Trunk or Treat

We took the kids to Trunk or Treat at a local church Wednesday evening… a co-worker of Nick’s attends the church and invited us. We figured, why not? It’s something fun for all of us to do together, and the kids will get one more use out of their Halloween costumes!

Let me back up and say that Grandma (my mom) took the kids shopping for their costumes a few weeks ago. And I’m not exactly sure WHAT she and Avery were thinking when they bought Avery’s costume… because I realized when I saw it on her for the first time that evening that it’s about three sizes too big for my daughter. I was a nervous wreck all night, because I just knew she was going to break her neck by tripping over the darn dress!! We’re definitely going to have to make some adjustments before our neighborhood Trick or Treat this weekend!

Anyway, here’s my little angel… snow princess… I’m not really sure WHAT she’s supposed to be. But she didn’t want to wear the tiara/crown thing that came with the costume… and we all loved her wings!

Damon is supposed to be a Crypt Keeper, I think… He refused to wear the mask, which is pretty much the whole costume! We go through this every year. Boys are so difficult!!

Here’s the Trunk or Treat area in the parking lot…

And inside the church, they had a little festival set up with different activities for the kids.

Oh, and Damon was there, too… somewhere. I always feel like a horrible mom when I post oodles of pics of Avery and none of Damon. But, really, the child is downright hateful when my camera comes out. See how thrilled he looks in the picture at the beginning of this post?? So I torture him as little as possible! He found some friends that he knew from school and was running around the gym with them most of the time, anyway.

Fun was had by all. I really LOVE the idea of Trunk or Treat. So much nicer than walking all over God’s creation and freezing on Halloween night. Of course, we’ll be doing that, too… Saturday night is Trick or Treat here, I think… and I’m pretty much dreading it! Though, I do love to steal the Butterfingers and Kit Kats afterward!!

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